Monday, October 26, 2009

Before there were kids...

Before we had kids...we had kids. They just happen to be a little bit furrier and never seem to grow out of the 2 year old stage.

April 26, 2009 we lost Hershey to cancer. She was 15 years old. Way too young in my book. Of course I am used to the cat that lives to be 18-20 years old. It was hard on me but it was doubly hard on Hubby. She was our first baby. Yep, I do mean baby. Nope, I am not some crazy cat lady. But when you long for a family for as many years as we have, you find ways to supplement your life.

Hubby called her Princess and she willingly lived up to her nickname.

It was hard to lose her especially during a time when we were receiving so much disappointing news about our adoption. I just kept saying “we still have Snickers, we still have Snickers.”

Our sweet lovin’ mouse protectn’ little Snickas.

Both of our cats were Mama's girls (don't tell Hubby) but Snickers has always held a special place in my heart. She is an unusual cat and not just because she is a Japanese Bobtail. Her fur is like thick rabbit fur. When people come over they can’t stop petting her (not that she minds). She adores attention and can’t wait to get up onto your chest where she can rub your face while she purrs and drools.

We get along great because she completely understands the need for a long Sunday afternoon nap (or a nap at any other time or place).

What else makes her unusual is that she loves me to hold her like a baby. I cradle her in my arms and she just stares at me and purrs (no really I am not a crazy cat lady). It has brought me comfort over the years as I have longed to be a mom. She just seemed to know I needed it. This leads into one more great part about Snickers. One of her many nicknames is “nurse” Snickers. She is the first one to try and make you feel better when you are sick. When I had my tonsils out at the age of 30, she never left me. She is also my computer companion. Always looking for an opportunity to slide in for some extra loves like she is trying to do right now.

So it was hard when we brought her home from my parents house and found a large lump on her back. Yes, I do mean large. I spent one night in my Hubby’s arms crying at the thought of losing her. A trip to the vet taught us that she had an abscess. A very large abscess hence the drain tubes you see coming out of her back. It seems that something bit her at my parents house (mostly likely a cat) and instead of the wound healing, it became infected. What a relief.

Until today…I found a new lump on her leg (heavy sighs). I had them look at it today when they checked her drain tubes. It is most likely a cancerous tumor. It is going to cost between 300-400 to remove it and have it biopsied. Hmmm…not what we want to hear.

So here we are at another bend in the road wondering the same thing we did at the beginning of April with Hershey, how much longer will we have Snickers in our life?

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