Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tree of Tradition Part I

I absolutely love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love having a season to celebrate our Savior’s birth. I love the parties and spending time with friends and family. I love all the photos we get with updates from friends and family near and far. I love the sound of the Salvation Army bell ringers, a beautiful reminder to help those in need. I love our traditions like making the first batch of fudge the day after Thanksgiving. But by far my favorite traditions involve our Christmas tree.

Every year the weekend of Thanksgiving we head to our favorite tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. Every year we go with my parents and pick out a tree for us, them and my Grandma. I love supporting local farms and we love the smell a fresh cut Christmas tree in our home.

Of course this year was made extra special because of our two sweet peas in tow. They were not sure what to think of the whole experience. They kept nodding at Grandma to take them for another spin in the radio flyer (thank goodness we remembered to bring it).

But everything changed when Daddy began cutting down our Christmas tree. They got very quiet and no longer wanted Grandma to take them for another ride. Our sweet peas sat and watched intently as the first tree fell. Jocelyn gave it an “ooooooh” while Isaac watched quietly. By the time Daddy began cutting down the third tree Jocelyn knew she was a pro at this and began instructing Daddy on how to cut the tree down. Her poor future husband, he doesn’t stand a chance. I can already see her telling him how to cut down their Christmas tree!

After cutting the trees down and setting them beside the road, we headed back to the barn to wait for the tractor to go get our trees.

Jocelyn loved the tree shaker. This is where they sit the tree on a base and the machine shakes the tree to get out all of the loose needles. She felt pretty confident after seeing one done and began instructing the workers on how to do their job.

We headed to Great Grandma’s house shortly after to unload her Christmas tree and give our sweet peas more time to run around while the sun was out. All in all it was a beautiful day. Below you will find more pictures from our great tree adventure.

Nothing like a little argument on which way to go

They weren't too sure what to think of sitting on the tractor with Daddy

The many faces of Isaac:


The many faces of Jocelyn:

Grandpa teaching them how to fist pump:

Merry Christmas everyone. May you enjoy celebrating our Savior's birth!

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