Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Best Moment

I know many of you stopped by hoping to read about our trip while we were gone. Unfortunately, the very sketchy internet was just that...sketchy. After several attempts, I gave up the notion of updating while in Ethiopia. So over the next week, I will hopefully give you a glimpse into our time in Ethiopia through the eyes of an adopting mother. For now, I will leave you with the best moment ever.

Yesterday, while Jocelyn and Isaac were busy playing, I snuck upstairs to shower (Jocelyn is still very attached to mom only). We had agreed if she realized I was gone and if Charlie was unable to console her (she has yet to let him hold her) that he would bring her up to the bathroom. I was able to take a very long shower (much needed after 37 hours of travel) without any problem. I quietly snuck down the stairs to find Jocelyn sitting on Daddy’s lap chatting away. When she saw me, she smiled and went back to talking to Dad. One of the best moments by far since getting them.

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  1. So great isn’t’ it?! The peace and joy that comes from knowing your children feel safe and loved in the arms of your spouse is indescribable, but you’ve described it so well – “the best moment so far”. Makes you fall even more in love with your marriage.
    - Ira -


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