Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The End of Day 3

The End of Day 3

Most of the rest of the night is a blur. We are so glad to be back at the Guest House with our children. Our children – it is so nice to say while they are in our arms.

I am not even sure what they served us at the Guest House for dinner but I do know Jocelyn sat on my lap while I fed her and Isaac sat on Daddy’s lap while he fed him. Isaac is still a little lethargic. We see glimpses of his personality but he is still choosing to be a little reserved. We don’t mind. We will work on his timetable. When he is ready we will be ready.

Jocelyn is starting to show her personality as long as no one touches her but Mommy. I am amazed and completely entranced by her wanting only me. Her attaching so quickly is truly the result of prayer. I am learning that when she becomes somewhat stressed due to all the change, I just throw her in the Ergo Carrier. It’s amazing what it does for her. She instantly calms down and snuggles in against me and begins to suck her thumb. I can feel her breathing begin to slow as she begins to let out several large sighs.

I decide to go downstairs to the main living area and try using the computer. Isaac is busy snuggling with Dad and my Mom is relaxing in one of the wicker wing backed chairs with her book. This is a good time for Jocelyn and me to hit the computer.
As I sit at the computer and try to get online (dial-up service), Jocelyn begins to show signs that she is ready to get out of the carrier. I loosen it up and let it fall from my shoulders as I wait for Google to load up. Jocelyn begins to excitedly talk to me in a language I can’t comprehend as she points at things all around us. Then she begins to repeat something over and over again as points at the computer. I talked back to her in the only language I know…English lavished in a mother’s love for her child. All of a sudden…Jocelyn sits up very tall…her eyes get really big…she grabs my face…stairs directly at me and says “Mama!” While still holding my cheeks she begins to kiss me on the lips. After each kiss, she pulls back looks directly into my eyes and says “Mama!” She repeats this over and over and over again. I am not sure my heart could be anymore full of love and joy than at this very moment.

After several attempts at trying to get online to blog and cherishing some very precious moments with my new daughter, I decide to head up to our room. Lying on our bed is a very content Dad snuggled up with his new son sleeping so peacefully. This is truly a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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