Friday, September 11, 2009

Weight Management

Yep. Here it is. I am going to talk about weight management. And although I could use some serious weight management, I am not going to talk about the body kind. Instead I am going to talk about the insanity of managing the weight of your luggage. It shouldn't be that hard right? Wow was I wrong. Since trying to figure out how to pack for 4 people with a limit of 50 pounds per bag, I have come to realize that everything adds up! .

Take for instance my purse. I do not carry one of the massive purses some of my friends carry. Mine is a nice medium sized purse to take care of my basic needs. I weighed it today. A whopping 3 pounds! So how do you end up with a purse that weighs 3 pounds? Well here is what I have:
- Sunglasses
- Check book
- Wallet (it even has money in it :) )
- 9 pictures of our babies
- Costco renewal form
- Calculator (can't live without it!)
- Mirror
- Thumbdrive (never know when you might need to save something)
- Inhaler
- Small notepad
- 2 pens
- 7 types of lip shimmer/chapstick (hmm maybe I should cut back)
- 8 receipts I don't even need
- Lotion
- Ibuprofen
- Floss
- Keys
- Couple of the unmentionables
- Eye drops
- 10 expired coupons (no time for frugal shopping now)

All that plus my purse adds up to a whopping 3 pounds! How is that possible? By the way...the checked luggage is the easy part. Ethiopian Airlines only allows 15 pounds for your carry-on. I had one carry-on half full and it was already 5 pounds over the limit. Hubby thinks we may need to "bite the bullet" and pay extra for one piece of luggage. The price tag for 1 pound or more over? Only a mere $250.

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