Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pink Paris

Are you wondering why I have posted a picture of Isaac and Jocelyn's closet? is all in an effort to explain to you my Hubby's nickname for my mom. If you will notice there are two distinct sections of Jocelyn's clothes. Her clothes start with a full line of pink clothes. Mostly light pink clothes. Then the next section of clothing has a nice array of colors including hot pink aqua, lavender, purple, cream, blue, etc... Can you guess which section I bought and which my mom bought?

Ummm...yes, the beginning section is what my mom bought. Hence the reason for the title to this post. Charlie has nicknamed my mom the Pink Paris (referring to Paris Hilton). Here are his reasons and mind you they are good ones!

  1. Since retiring, my mom has become more busy than when she worked. If I call and ask her to do something she says "just a minute, I need to check my schedule."

  2. My darling dad has been nicknamed "The Secretary" since he is the one answering the phone because my mom is too busy.

  3. My mom loves pink. In fact, the luggage she bought for our trip to Ethiopia is hot pink! Oh no, it gets better. She also has a matching neck pillow.

Pink Paris, this post is for you. Thank you for carrying on the pink tradition to Jocelyn.

We love you!

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