Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day of Thanksgiving

I will not has been a very emotional day for me. Yep, I get teary eyed pretty easily these days and today was no exception. I found myself many times having to choke back my tears. I have dreamed of this day for a very long time. Hubby and me celebrating Thanksgiving with little ones in tow. I loved every bit of today from organizing the diaper bag to deciding which toys to take to Great Grandma's house. Each step of the way I was holding back the tears. I had to swallow hard to keep from crying when Charlie prayed over dinner and gave thanks for celebrating this year with our sweet peas. I have never been so content or so excited to celebrate this amazing time of the year than right now.

This year was extra special because this is the last year my Grandma plans on cooking Thanksgiving. I think she was just waiting for Isaac and Jocelyn to get home to do one last Thanksgiving dinner before hanging up her apron.

Here is a snippet of our day (don't forget to read about Jocelyn's potty adventure at the end)...

We started off with the usual pre-travel musts like putting on our shoes.

They love going "bye bye" even if Isaac doesn't look like it. In his defense he had just woken up from his nap. It takes a while to get going after a good snooze. Unlike Jocelyn who if you noticed has her mouth open in both pictures...

...that is because she is talking...and talking...and talking....from sunset. Yep, she is all girl. Daddy doesn't usual put her shoes on so she felt the need to instruct him on how to put on her shoes.

We ate as soon as we arrived at Great Grandma's house. Can you see how much my family appreciated me taking pictures?

This was their first time sitting at the table and not in a high chair...

Isaac was in awe of all the food.

After dinner Isaac spent the time driving his cars on Great Grandma's dining room chairs...

While Jocelyn spent the time exploring the vertical blinds...

Hmmm...why would she think it is ok to get in Great Grandma's blinds when it is not ok to get in ours at home?

"Because I am a toddler MaMa...that's what toddlers do"

The rest of the time was spent playing while stripped down to their diaper/underwear (it was way too warm in the house for them).

Yep, that's my daughter's belly. Our tiny little girl...only at 10% for height and 25% for weight...has a belly that can compete with the gut of any beer drinker. Uh no, we do not give her beer nor do we drink it ourselves. I figure she is just trying to keep up with her Grandpa. Sorry Dad she just might have you beat!

Aw...there is nothing like a couple of toddlers to help you rest after a big turkey dinner.

And what better way to end the day than with a kiss from the cutest young man ever...

It's me know...The Pistol Princess

I just thought I would tell you about going potty at my Great Grandma's house since my Mommy might not get all the facts straight.

There I was sitting on the toilet minding my own business...

When out of no where the toilet paper just fell off the roll!

Oooooh this doesn't look good!

I mean Mommy wouldn't think I did this would she?
I mean she only left the bathroom for a minute.
Isn't it amazing how toilet paper can just fall off the roll?!

You see why I had to tell you about going potty at Great Grandma's house?
I'm sure my Mommy wouldn't get all the facts straight.
I just wanted you to know that *poof* and the toilet paper was on the floor.

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