Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shower Blessings

Last Wednesday I got the privilege of joining my Hubby at his work for a baby shower. Our caseworker had to cancel her appointment with us so I "gussied" up our sweet peas and headed out for the day.

At lunch we ended up with an impromptu break on the parking lot curb. I love these moments especially when I have my camera. I have yet to figure out how to get them to smile at the camera. Anyone have any ideas?

The shower given by Hubby's co-workers was absolutely wonderful. It was fun to meet everyone and to give them the chance to meet our two little blessings.

The cake was fantastic. There were definitely no objections from Isaac or Jocelyn either!

We received so many wonderful gifts including these adorable puppies that you could do all sorts of things with including play music.

And of course music in our house means dancing!

Jocelyn getting her groove on

Here she is letting us know the music is "all done"

Isaac loves music even more than sis. Here he is finding the right tune for dancing

Swaying to the song he picked

I wish I had video of this picture. He was moving his head back and forth perfectly timed to the beat.

The clothes you see in the pictures above were also given to us at the shower. They fit perfect! We got another set of outfits which I only have pictures of Isaac in. Jocelyn went through her outfit before I had a chance to take a picture of her in it. Welcome to motherhood!

We received gift cards too. I come from a family where gift cards are not a popular gift to give but I think they are wonderful. We are saving ours for this spring when we will need to buy summer clothes for them. What a blessing it will be to have those gift cards!

We had such a wonderful time. Isaac wasn't too sure of the whole experience. He gets very nervous when things are new. We know he still fears being taken away from us. It is a reminder to us that we have come a long way but we still need to be sensitive to their fears. Jocelyn however loved being the center of attention. She waved and blew kisses like they were a dime a dozen. She is definitely our little social butterfly.

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