Thursday, September 16, 2010

Deep Conversation

You know since becoming a Mom I have found myself needing deep conversation. The type that involves deep thinking...deep thought...time to process. Do you know the kind I'm talking about? You see my world  right now is filled with conversations like the following:

Me: Ok Isaac go pick out your underwear for the day.
Isaac: I have 2 kinds of Ramones Mommy! All of his underwear are from the Cars movie by the way.
Me: Honey that one is Ramone and the other one is Snot Rod.
Isaac: No! They are both Raaaammmmmooooonnnnnneeessss MMMMOOOOOMMMMYYY!
Me: Sweetie Ramond is a low rider and Snot Rod is a hot rod. See how Snot Rod has his engine coming out of the hood of the car? And see how low Ramone's car sits to the ground. That's difference honey.
Isaac: Ramone a low rider?
Me: Yes
Isaac: Snot Rod is a snot rod?
Me: Yes Honey.
Isaac: Mommy that's Snot Rod?
Me: Yep
Isaac: That's Ramone?
Me: Yes
Isaac: Ramone's a low rider?
Me: Yes honey.
Isaac: Ramone's a low rider Mommy!
Me: Mmmhmmm.
Isaac: Mommy look that's a Snot Rod!

This conversation goes on for 10 minutes before I finally said, "Isaac! Just pick a pair and put them on!" Which ended up starting a new conversation that involved Isaac insisting on wearing both pairs of underwear and me insisting on him wearing one.

Do you see the need for deep conversation? And yes, tomorrow I get to have deeeeep conversation with a good friend. I am so hungry for it that I have been obsessing over it and counting the time until I get to sit with a good friend and googoo over her baby while having a sincere and deep conversation. T-minus 14 hours and counting.

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