Friday, September 10, 2010

Before There Were Kids Update

A while back I got an email from someone asking me whatever happened to our dear Snickas (Snickers). If you haven't read about Snickers you can read about her here. Unfortunately when I took a break from blogging, I forgot that I would be leaving questions unanswered. Just like our little princess Hershey, Snickers life was cut short by a tumor. In 2 weeks her tumor more than doubled in size. We didn’t want her to suffer so we said our tearful good-byes and let her sleep.

Losing Snickers has been somewhat of a double edged sword. I loved spending time with her at the computer after everyone was in bed. I loved the fact that I could have the worse day ever and she would still want me. These things made it very hard for me to lose our beloved Snickas. But there was also some relief which brought with it some guilt for feeling this way. Our kids were scared of her. If she didn’t move, it wasn’t too bad. But the moment she would move, Jocelyn would start screaming and crying and Isaac would follow. I was also exhausted. The kids hadn’t even been home 2 months and I was overwhelmed with their care.

But…there are times…when it is late…the house is quiet…and I am typing away…I miss her. I miss her paw lying on my arm as I try to type. I miss her loud purrs and her rabbit soft fur. It is also at these times I think how much our kids have missed. Snickers loved our sweet peas. Sometimes she would try to sit with them in the living room while they played. They would cry and run to us. She would always look so sad like “how come you don’t like me?” I believe in time they would have gotten over there fear of her and they would have fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, it was her time to go.

Thank you Snickers for the 13 years you gave us. Thank you for all the times you “nursed” me back to health and thank you for all the times you let me hold you like a baby. You were amazing and will always be dearly missed.


Snickas Mom

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