Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forgotten

No, I have not forgotten that today is 9/11. It's just that I have been busy cherishing every minute of every hour of this day with my children and my husband. September 11th reminds me to seize every moment I have with my precious and amazing family. I have also struggle with what to say. How is it possible to pay tribute to all those who were lost and to their families who have piece of their life gone forever? The only thing I can say is that I will never forget. I will never forget the lost lives, I will never forget the courage displayed that day, I will never forget the families, I will never forget the children missing parents, I will never forget the parents missing their children, I will never forget the husbands missing their wives or the wives missing their husbands, I will never forget the soldiers who have sacraficed their lives since 9/11 for the safety of our country, I will never forget those who continue to fight to keep our freedom. No, I will never forget.

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