Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Been A While

Wow! It has been more than six months since my last post. At first I chose not to blog because I needed all of my focus to be on our sweet peas. But then as time passed, I wasn’t sure if I should blog. I felt like I had lost my way and my purpose for this little corner of the blog world. I was no longer sure if I could be vulnerable the way I had originally intended to. You see my purpose has always been to talk about everything between here and there (Heaven). Of course that means everything within reason. There are always those things that just should not be discussed with anyone (except my Hubby of course). I have struggled with whether or not I could be honest, share the tough things along with the funny things. I wonder about how to blog. Do I share our names? How do I handle posting pictures? Am I willing to discuss things that might upset people…things they may not agree with…etc…

Have I found any answers to my own questions? No, not exactly. Heavens with newly adopted twins I am lucky if I can remember what day of the week it is. But I believe with God’s guidance I will hopefully honor Him and honor the purpose of my little corner of the blogging world.

From my little corner,


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